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Parent Choice offers the best care and early learning for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school going children. We provide convenient programs for parents who are seeking the highest quality of care and attention for their children.

Child-focussed education using IGCSE Syllabus

Wholesome Learning for the Child through the SPICE curriculum

Social - Develop internal behavior control, helping, cooperating, respecting and accepting others, developing friendship, appreciating the culture and heritage of others, developing a positive realistic concept of self

Physical - Developing competence in using large and small muscles, taking care of and respecting your body, being aware of and practicing good nutrition habits, thereby developing overall physical fitness

Imaginative - Developing sensory awareness, imagining and visualizing, exploring, creating, responding and interpreting; developing critical awareness, expressing and representing through a variety of forms.

Cognitive - Developing the thinking mind( observing, recalling, comparing, patterning, classifying, generalizing, integrating and evaluating), constructing knowledge, developing memory skills, acquiring facts, and responding and communicating through (listening, speaking, writing and reading).

Emotional - Developing a positive, realistic, concept of self, accepting and expressing emotions in socially appropriate ways, coping with change, developing decision-making skills, accepting challenge, and developing independence.

Assessment Program - Assessment is very critical to plan a child's next step of activities for learning. We will be using a research based product for planning and assessing each and every child's growth.


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