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What did Albert Einstein, Beethoven and Leonardo De Vinci have in common? They all had extraordinary imagination and visual power tapped from their right brain and combined that with the logical thinking left brain. We also want the children to use both sides of the brain to be more successful in Life. Montessori methods accelerate the whole brain learning. The concepts are wonderfully understood by the child much more deeply, clearly and positively creating a lifelong passion for learning.

"Imagination is more important then knowledge" - Albert Einstein

CBSE Syllabus
Structured activities for whole brain learning
Lesson time, Pretend Play, story and theater, Speed Reading
Art, music and dance, exercise/gym, yoga, Brain games, Chess, Keyboard
Library time for daily reading, Presentation skills and Group discussion
Montessori materials, Live projects and experiments
Additional languages - Spanish, French, Tamil and Hindi
Audio-Visual and Computer-based learning
Physical activities - structured outdoor and indoor play
Sensorial activities and enhance writing skills

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