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What is the syllabus followed in the school?

We follow the IGCSE syllabus. More attention and personalized learning is made possible as we only have fewer than 7 children per mentor.

What kind of food is provided for my child at Parent Choice?

A dietician has certified the food menu that included cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables in ample quantity. The snacks and meals are balanced with carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals that are needed for growing children. Only vegetarian food is cooked by a team of in-house cooks.

When can we visit Parent Choice?

Parents interested in enrolling their children need to fix an appointment to tour the Parent Choice facility. Parents can participate in their little one's class any day. In fact, Parent choice encourages parents to provide assistance to design curriculum for their child.

What are the Security measures taken?

Surveillance cameras installed in all class rooms. Only pre-approved escorts permitted to pickup children. Play area monitored at all times. Onsite security personnel maintained 24x7.

What are the safety measures?

Highly Safe, Secure and Sanitized environment. We have smoothened the edges wherever possible to minimize children getting hurt, carpet flooring has been provided both in the play area and in the classrooms. Daily and weekly cleaning procedures in place to ensure a clean and healthy atmosphere.

What is the kind of disciplining followed at Parent Choicel?

Children are treated with the same respect that we as adults expect. Only positive disciplining measures are undertaken like counselling, parental involvement etc. Physical/corporal punishment, raising voice, shouting at children etc is not tolerated.

What are the learning tools used?

Development-appropriate learning tailored for your child - Books, Audio, Video and Kinesthetic methods, award winning children's software, Montessori method, educational toys, flash card and so on.

What is the curriculum followed?

Social, Physical, Imaginative, Cognitive and Emotional development SPICE curriculum. Play and learn kids-driven curriculum. Monthly assessment of child's developmental milestone.

What if my child is sick?

Parents are requested to notify the center about the absence of their children as soon as possible. Children should not have had temperature for 24 hours prior to returning to school. Children taking antibiotics, should have taken the medicine dose for a minimum period of 48 hours. In cases where a child is observed not feeling well, parents will be contacted and requested to come and pick up their children.

Why am I being restricted from leaving my sick child at the school?

Children often fall sick in their early years as their bodies gain strength and immunity. We observe strict medical guidelines and request that parents respect the rules and adhere to them. These measures will ensure that there are minimal cases of cross infection amongst children due to contact.


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