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Health & Safety
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Is the School safe, clean and well maintained?
Is breakfast, lunch and snacks provided?

Do they provide high quality & nutritous food?

Are the entrances to the building and classrooms secure?
Are children adequately supervised?
Do they have fire drills?
Do they have surveillance cameras in the class rooms?
Does the curriculum, design and policies follow any international standards?

Is the outdoor play area safe and monitored?

Are the Toys and play areas sanitized daily?

Do the Child Mentors wash hands regularly?

Are the Child Mentors trained in CPR and First aid?

Mentoring and Nurturing

Are there structured activities to help foster learning?

Are the mentors qualified for handling children and specially trained for the age they handle?

Are the Child Mentors loving, caring and very responsible?

Does each child have sufficient learning aids, books, toys to play/learn?

Does the environment act as a teaching aid for children?

Do the children look forward to go to school daily?

Are high standard learning aids used to teach the children?

Do mentors interact with children in both small (individual) and large group activities?

Are phonics and math basics emphasized in daily activities?

Do children have ample time to play and explore?

Is the curriculum designed to cover all areas of child development?

Are positive methods used to guide behavior?

Do the activities help nurture your child's development?

Parents and Communication

Are the parents allowed to visit the center anytime?
Are the Child Mentors monitored?
Is there weekly communication of activities and what your child is learning?
Are assessments done to measure your child's growth and development ?
Is the parent able to get a quick update online on the day to day activities of their child?
Are the parents allowed to participate in structuring the curriculum and assessment?
Are daily, monthly and assessment reports made available for your child?

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